‘Bergs, Brews, BBQs, and Creative Mocktails

‘Bergs, Brews, BBQs, and Creative Mocktails

Summer’s almost here! It’s time to break out the frosty mugs for ‘Bergs and brews, as well as get creative with mocktail concoctions.

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The 4 B’s for the Perfect Father’s Day

BBQ, beers, buds, and the ‘Berg.

Make sure you keep the cooler stocked with the good stuff as you’re grillin’ and chillin’ with pops this Father’s Day. Make sure those beers go down smooth and soothe the stomach with Underberg, the essential digestive bitter. The ‘Berg is sure to pair well with (veggie) burgers, dogs, brisket, or whatever you’re cooking. Washing down that savory, smoky BBQ food with some herbal deliciousness can only enhance the experience and make the meal all the more memorable.

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Creative Mocktail Concoctions

One of the most exciting things about the ‘Berg is its versatility. You can mix it with, well, just about anything. We’re continually impressed by Underberg fans’ creativity and ingenuity. Whether it’s with craft beers, unique mocktails, or even coffee, the ‘Berg can give your drinks that extra edge you didn’t even know they needed.

Here are a couple mocktails that caught our eye:
  • NY bar Pinky Swear’s “Snoop Lion” mixes the ‘Berg with non-alcoholic mezcal, passion fruit, and CBD bitters.
  • In Detroit, Paragon Arms’s “Disgruntled Mai Tai” swirls together non-alcoholic Jamaican rum, Aperol, Orgeat, Curaçao, lime juice, and of course, 1 bottle of Underberg.
Reach out and share your innovative ‘Berg mocktail recipes!

From the team here at Underberg: Happy Father’s Day!