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Underberg: The Rheinberg Herbal Bitter

Selected aromatic herbs from 43 countries are essential to Underberg’s all-natural recipe.

Underberg contains only water, alcohol, and herbal extracts. There are no other ingredients, and more specifically, no additives!

Underberg is therefore much more than a simple bitter - Underberg is unique and inimitable.

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Semper Idem - A Secret Process Kept Since 1846

The recipe and processing methods have been secrets held and guarded by members of the Underberg family, since 1846. This experience and knowledge regarding how to carefully extract the valuable herbal essences from 43 countries and how to turn them into an aromatic bitter has been safeguarded by the SEMPER IDEM secret process. This is followed by several-month long maturation periods in casks made of Slovenian oak. 4th and 5th-generation members of the Underberg family carefully and deliberately select herbs from 43 countries.

A Map of Underberg's physical location.

Semper idem Underberg AG

Hubert-Underberg-Allee 1
47495 Rheinberg

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