Painting of Hubert Underberg

Underberg Family Portrait

For five generations, the Underberg family has manufactured its herbal digestive in Rheinberg, according to the secret SEMPER IDEM process.

Company founder Hubert Underberg launched his unique product on the market in 1846 after many years of careful development. Underberg was soon appreciated in many countries

More than 175 years of tradition and progress

Underberg is a family business in which the personal initiative and responsibility of the company owners have set the standards of the future for 5 generations. The book “Superbrands” included a story on the history and the ongoing success of Underberg.

Photograph of an old blimp advertising Underberg
Old avertisement for Underberg bitter. It is in German
Photograph of Underberg family

Underberg Today

Underberg looks back on 175 years of successful company and brand building. Even though many things have changed since 1846, Underberg’s herbal digestive from Rheinberg is still the company’s most important product. This is why only the digestive bears the family name.

As a family-owned company, we have been able to adapt and to change organically and sustainably. What makes us different is our unique and irreplaceable product.

Photograph of wooden barrels
Photograph of Underberg products. One is a bottle, the other is a box of bottled bitters, and the last is a wooden crate.