Getting the Most Out of Your Herbal Bitters

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Getting the Most Out of Your Herbal Bitters

Unlike salt and sweets, flavors from herbal bitters are derived from countless different substances that differ in their chemical composition, while contributing to a consistent taste. Of our five flavor profiles, what makes bitters so unique and beneficial for health?

Herbal bitters are — as the name implies — an infusion that’s created from predominantly bitter ingredients. These ingredients comprise aromatics and botanicals that can include any combination of herbs, roots, bark, fruit, seeds, or flowers. 

Herbal Bitters And Their Effect On Well-being

Different bitter substances may possess varying detoxifying, antioxidant, lipid-lowering, anti-inflammatory or antibacterial effects, while others primarily serve as digestive aids. Ultimately, as one of the five flavors we perceive, herbal bitters remain essential components of a healthy and balanced diet.

The Simple Science of Bitters

When it comes to consuming food, it all starts in the tongue, which helps us distinguish between good and toxic substances and guide our food choices. This organ is composed of thousands of taste buds, each containing a set of 50 to 100 specialized cells that are known as taste receptor cells. Flavor is the combined sensory impression of food, and it is determined by the five basic qualities of taste: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. 

The human genome contains 29 bitter taste receptors known as T2R receptors, located almost everywhere we look in the human body. In addition to your tongue, your stomach, gut, pancreas, and liver can also tell when you consume something bitter.

Underberg: The World's Herbal Bitters of Choice

Millions of people across more than 100 countries reach out for a single portion bottle of Underberg herbal digestive every day, known as the “World's Bitter of Choice”, thanks to its secret formula of aromatic herbs from 43 countries. 

Small, practical, and always exactly the right portion for well-being, each Underberg bottle contains exactly 20 ml - the perfect size to foster well-being. Feel bright and alert after a good meal with an elixir that cannot be explained: it must be experienced.

Learn more about how you can take, use, or cook Underberg herbal bitters by visiting our blog.